This Saturday’s club race marks the mid point of the season, and what better way to celebrate with a Cat’s Paw Points Race – 8 laps for the As, 7 for the Bs,6 for the Women and 5 lfor the Cs.  Numbers left.

In the Team Cup competitions, the A field will see Foundation and Jonathan Adler Racing continue to duke it out with just 3 points separating them at the top of the table. No doubt Foundation will be looking to make up for past mistakes and Greg Olsen (NY State Criterium Champion, congratulations Greg!) and the team will be looking to build on their recent successes.  But watch out for the team with the longest name in the peloton (L.Raphael – Leopard Cycles p/b Dave Jordan Coaching) who scored well last race and are sure to be working hard again.

The B Field competition also looks to be a battle of two with NYVelocity and Foundation who are separated by just 10 points.  Both teams have scored consistently in every race and are sure to put in a strong showing again this week.

The Women’s field so far this year has been dominated by the Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez team who look to have an unbeatable lead with a gap of  36 points over their nearest rival, NYVelocity Women’s Racing Team.  Watch for the more experienced racers to join forces against Sanchez this week….

In the Jim Boyd Cup competitions, its wide open in all fields.  Ariel Mendez (Jonathan Adler Racing) leads the A field after taking the win on Boyd bonus day last race.  Behind him is a field of many, and a win from any of them will keeps things close.  Ryan ‘too easy’ McGarrity (NYVelocity) leads the B’s, calls from for him to upgrade were heeded, and he now will be doing battle in the A’s.  That leaves Antonio Munoz (Foundation), Zachrey Gladney (Foundation), Matthew Vandivort (NYVelocity), among others to sort out who will undoubtedly be crowned top sandbagger for the year…   Kristin Lotito (Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez) leads the Women’s competition from former teammate Ann Marie Miller (now on Fuoriclasse/Discover Chiropractic), Fabienne Gerard (Fuoriclasse/Discover Chiropractic)) and Raquel Miller (Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez).

Saturday Race Details

5:45 am start.  That’s the start time folks, not the time to show up.  Please plan of getting to registration no later than 5:15.  We have even told the ambulance to arrive by 5:30….. Please bring your completed, signed, dated 2011 Release Form.  Have it out and ready at registration, along with correct change if you are not a prepaid Dino and know your race number.  This will help the line move faster.

Marshals:  You (or your substitute) also need to arrive early to give you time to get into position before the race starts.

Suspended members:  A reminder that any teams that have any members currently on the suspended list cannot earn points for either the Team Cup or the Jim Boyd.  Right now that includes (2 members, one more and the entire team is suspended from club races), Gennaro, Breakaway Courier, Scotto’s, Echelon Cycles/True Grit and Western Union.  Contact marshal[at] to get this rectified.

Check the race roster here.

Did we mention that you are not allowed to ride on the Park Paths or Jogger’s lane?