This past weekend brought the final CRCA club race for the 2013 season.  It was also the Team Cup Finale.


In the A-Field Zach Koop of Blue dominated the race, yet again, with Dylan Lowe of BH/Comedy Central and Kevin Molloy rounding out the podium.

1 Koop, Zachary Blue Ribbon –
2 Lowe, Dylan BH/Comedy Central
3 Molloy, Kevin CRCA
4 Jacaruso, Mitchell Rapha NYC
6 Munoz, Antonio Foundation
7 Zak, Michael Blue Ribbon –
8 Ginghina, Mihael TARGETTRAINING
9 Gellner, Noah Foundation
10 Petimezas, Mark Foundation


In the Women’s race, the Stan’s NoTubes p/b enduranceWerx team dominated with Camie Kornely and BrittLee Bowman going 1-2, followed by Aimee Layton of Asphalt Green Cycling Team.

1 Kornely, Camie Stans NoTubes p/b enduranceWERX
2 Bowman, BrittLee Stans NoTubes p/b enduranceWERX
3 Layton, Aimee Asphalt Green Cycling Team
4 Engelhardt, Renee Radical Media
5 Kaplan, Stephanie Asphalt Green Cycling Team
6 Kiese, Dara Radical Media
7 Mills, Carol-Lynn Houlihan Lokey
8 Miller, Ann Marie Eumaeus Asset Mgmt – Fouriclasse
9 Mumford, Anna Dave Jordan Racing
10 Schloat, Megan Asphalt Green Cycling Team


In the Men’s B-Field Armand Wilhelm of Siggi’s/NY Velocity took the win ahead of Chris Peck and Joseph Grgic, both of Setanta.

1 Wilhelm, Armand Siggi’s/NY Velocity
2 Peck, Chris Setanta
3 Grgic, Joseph Setanta
4 Johnson, Knowl Sids Bikes NYC
5 Molina, Efrain Foundation
6 Chao, Leonardo VELORIGIN Performance
7 Aguirre, Sergio Master Bike Shop
8 Williams, Chris CRCA
9 Gras, Laurent Foundation
10 Pedata, Joseph Dave Jordan Racing


In the Men’s C-Field, Paschal Lennon of VELORIGIN Performance won the race with Vasco Ivanov of Empire Tri Club coming in second and an unknown rider, third.

1 Lennon, Paschal VELORIGIN Performance
2 Ivanov, Vasco Empire Tri Club
4 Andersson, Henrik Empire Tri Club
5 Clark, Chris CRCA
6 Muccioli, David Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
7 Crossley, Morgan CRCA
8 Tucker, Darrell CRCA
9 McCann, John Michael CRCA
10 Zlotchew, David CRCA


MEN’S 45+ Field

In the 45+ field Eutimio Quintero of Foundation beat out Pascal Sauvayre of BH/Comedy Central and Alan Buday of Dave Jordan Racing.

1 Quintero, Eutimio Foundation
2 Sauvayre, Pascal BH/Comedy Central
3 Buday, Alan Dave Jordan Racing
4 Chomowicz, David Sids Bikes NYC
5 Wilkes, Christopher Eumaeus Asset Mgmt – Fuoriclasse
6 Voake, Timothy FGX Racing
7 Kanter, Jeffrey CRCA
8 Bogin, Russell Eumaeus Asset Mgmt – Fuoriclasse
9 Blue Ribbon –
10 Stern, Robert Die Hard – Think Racing

Team Cup, Boyd and Open Series standings will be posted soon.