The first race of the 2014 season saw freezing temperatures, small fields, and many breaks. Results are below.

Women’s Field:

1. Cecilia Davis-Hayes, Stan’s NoTubes p/b EnduranceWerx

2. Camie Kornely, Stan’s NoTubes p/b EnduranceWerx

3. Victoria Brumfield, Radical Media

4. Oksana Miller, Stan’s NoTubes p/b EnduranceWerx

5. Isabelle Cote, KruisCX p/b Repucom

6. Erica Tricarico, Stan’s NoTubes p/b EnduranceWerx

7. Helen Hatch, Stan’s NoTubes p/b EnduranceWerx

8. Elizabeth Marcello, Radical Media

A Field:

1. Zach Koop, Blue Ribbon-Pennell Venture

2. Chad Butts, BOLD Racing Team/enduranceWerx

3. Charles Altchek, Foundation

4. Aaron Katin, BH/Comedy Central

5. Dylan Lowe, BH/Comedy Central

6. Evan Cooper, BH/Comedy Central

7. Gregory Fowlkes, Rapha Racing

B Field:

1. Alex Sanborn, Foundation

2. Per Rosenkvist, RBNY Racing – Somerville Sports

3. Mathew Street, Foundation

4. Brett Halpern, Dave Jordan Racing

5. Aloysha Smolarski, CRCA

6. Andrew Sheeley, W&D Racing/NYC Velo

7. Leonardo Chao, Velorigin Performance

C Field (note the finish was obstructed by a vehicle, more results to come later if possible):

1. Michael Lombardi, Lucarelli & Castaldi

2. Cameron Smith, Empire Tri Club