This past weekend brought another Power Points race, this time with sprints on Harlem Hill and Cats Paw

Men’s A-Field

In the A-Field Zach Koop and the Blue sprint train dominated the race, with Zach scoring double the points of the next closest rider. Kevin Molloy (CRCA) and Bryan Borgia (Rapha Racing) rounded out the podium.

1 Koop, Zachary Blue Ribbon –
2 Molloy, Kevin CRCA
3 Borgia, Bryan Rapha Racing
4 Loehner, Chris Bicycle Planet Racing
5 Blumberg, Ira FGX Racing
6 Zakharov, Alexei FGX Racing
7 Lim, Daniel W&D Racing-NYC Velo
8 Sauvayre, Pascal BH/Comedy Central
9 yeates, Paul
10 McGarrity, Ryan Sixcycle-RK&O

Women’s Field

In the Women’s race the Asphalt Green duo of Aimee Layton and Stephanie Kaplan went 1-2, followed by Emily Underwood of Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles.

1 Layton, Aimee Asphalt Green Cycling Team
2 Kaplan, Stephanie Asphalt Green Cycling Team
3 Underwood, Emily Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
4 Giaime, Alie Houlihan Lokey
5 Blakley, Barb Asphalt Green Cycling Team
6 Kosecki, Danielle Asphalt Green Cycling Team
7 Bush, Martha Houlihan Lokey
8 Killmon, Deb CRCA
9 Urist, Andrea Houlihan Lokey
10 Gochenour, Victoria Asphalt Green Cycling Team

Men’s B-Field

In the Men’s B-Field Keith Goldman (Bicycle Planet) took the win ahead of Setanta’s Joseph Grgic. Kowl Johnson (Sids Bikes NYC) rounded out the podium.

1 Goldman, Keith Bicycle Planet Racing
2 Grgic, Joseph Setanta
3 Johnson, Knowl Sids Bikes NYC
4 Weitzner, Robert Foundation
5 Chang, Stephen CycleLifeUSA GF Capital
6 Gousse, Cedrick Siggi’s/NYVelocity
7 Ogg, Jamisen Cause & Effect
8 Peck, Chris Setanta
9 Nessen, Edward Siggi’s/NYVelocity
10 DeSimone, David Foundation