The Board has received many emails complaining of changes made for the Bear Mountain Spring race.  The Board completely understands the frustrations and disappointment.  We are just as upset with our final decisions.  However, understand the races scheduled for Bear are the result of much consideration and debate.

The Board has done the best under restrictions placed on CRCA by the Park, the road construction and our current financial status.  Safety and financially responsible decisions were painfully necessary in pursuing CRCA’s overall goal of promoting racing in the New York City area.  We believe we have met those needs the best with the present race program.

The Board invites any CRCA member to contact us to receive a detailed explanation of the multiple deliberations involved in this year’s race.  We, though recognizing the many negatives of our final decision, feel this final program is the most practical solution.

However, hearing the personal stories of anger and disappointment by those affected negatively is not easy to endure.  The hope is these difficult decisions in the short term will allow for better and more inclusive racing in the future.

The 2011 CRCA Board of Directors