CRCA President Ken Harris’ second place finish led Jonathan Adler Racing to the team win in the Third Annual NYC Team Invitational. Adler held off two-time defending champ GS Mengoni. CRCA/Bandit Racing, CRCA/Blue Ribbon and CRCA/Axis rounded out the top five.

Ryan Tie of CRCA/Bandit Racing took the overall win with Harris second and Eugene Boronow of Mengoni third.

The Cat 4 Men’s race was won by CRCA/Sanchez Metro’s Stephen Lindholm. He was helped to victory by his teammate Colin Prensky who got second. Kimani Nielsen of CRCA/South finished third

Stacey Jensen of Kissena took the women’s 3/4 in a large field of 38 women. Tracy Wargo of CRCA/Sanchez Metro took second overall and was the first Cat 4. Dale Malkames of USI took third. Deb Kilmon, following up on her Bear Mountain Cat 4 victory, was the second 4 today.

Brief results below, full results at

Team Race

1. Ryan Tie CRCA/Bandit Racing
2. Ken Harris CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing
3. Eugene Boronow GS Mengoni
4. David Taylor CRCA/Blue
5. Doug O/Neill Deno’s Wonder Wheel
6. Timothy Spence CRCA/Axis
7. Greg Olsen CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing
8. Andrew Bernstein Brooklyn Velo Force/GQ Racing
9. Nick Friesen GS Mengoni
10 .Ted Neu CRCA/Sid’s Cannondale

Women’s Cat 3/4

1. Stacey Jensen Kissena
2. Tracy Wargo CRCA/Sanchez Metro
3. Dale Malkames USI
4. Lisa Force CRCA/Comedy Central – Sid’s
5. Erica Adelberg CRCA/Radical Media
6. Deb Kilmon CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid’s
7. Alejandra Madrinan CRCA/Major Tayor Iron Riders
8. Gabrielle Fisher CRCA
9. Nanci Modica CRCA/Radical Media
10. Stephanie Busloff CRCA/Avenue A -Razorfish

Men’s Cat 4

1. Stepehen Lindholm CRCA/Sanchez-Metro
2. Colin Prensky CRCA/Sanchez-Metro
3. Kimani Nielsen CRCA/South
4. Samuel Schaeffer CRCA
5. Matt Cuttler CRCA/Affinitiy Cycles
6. Matthew Diczok CRCA/Setanta
7. Franciso Soriano
8. Karl Nelson EECT/Krebs Cycle
9. Miguelangel Blanco
10. Abraham Soler CRCA/Organic Athlete
11. Christophe Jammet CRCA/
12. Christian Forsyth CRCA/Setanta