CRCA and Accelerade / 2nd Surge are excited to announce a major sponsorship agreement that includes the CRCA Club Race Series, the Central Park Classic and the Men’s Cat 3 Series as well as secondary sponsorship of the Lou Maltese Memorial presented by Lucarelli & Castaldi.  The race titles for the events included in this agreement are:

This sponsorship is essential to making CRCA’s expanded open race calendar possible and we are excited to  have the opportunity to work with Accelerade in bringing these great events to the region’s cycling community.

As part of the Sponsorship Agreement Accelerade and 2nd Surge will also be offering CRCA member only specials throughout the course of the year.  Details will be distributed with CRCA race numbers and available on the membership benefits section of

Accelerade and 2nd Surge will also provide product samples at selected CRCA events throughout the course of the year, including at Race Number Pickup on February 15th at Third & Long.

This is an important development for CRCA and we encourage all members to learn more about Accelerade and 2nd Surge by visiting the Company’s website at:

Stay tuned for details on CRCA members only coupons!


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Founded in 1898, Century Road Club Association (“CRCA”) is a bicycle racing and development club that provides coaching and competitive events for all ages in the New York Tri-State area.  The club is one of the largest bicycle racing clubs in the country and was named “Club of the Year” in 2009 by USA Cycling, the sport’s national organizing body.

To learn more about the Club’s 2012 sponsors – whose contributions help make our expanded open race calendar possible – visit: