The Century Road Club Association was founded in 1898. The club’s history tells much about the history of cycling in the United States. This section will try to tell that story by presenting many original documents, photos and articles.

Lou Maltese left much archive material to the club. Additionally Jim Boyd photcopied many copies of the CRCA Bulletin from the early 1900’s that are in the New York Public Library. Over the next months, I will try to make much of this material available. In time, hopefully this section will cover the history of the club from 1898 to the present time.

The material we have documents much of the history of cycling in the US. It is also an interesting window into the changing US culture over the past century. The internet provides a new way to make original source material available to a wider audience.

Presently, I have created several sub-tabs for this section. My main immediate intent is to make material available. Over time , we will revise and add more commentary to the section.

We also want first hand accounts of members who’ve been around for awhile. Alan Resnick has provided valuable accounts of the club in the late 1960’s through the 1970’s. This will be written up shortly. If you have significant information contact[at]

Mike Green