CRCA JrDev’s Graham Lang almost snagged the team’s first win of the season this past weekend at the CDP Gold Race in Bethel, Connecticut. The Junior event in this early-season series ran in conjunction with the Masters and a combined field sprint decided the outcome. Graham thought he had the win but Bob German of CCNS/Pedal Power was lost in the chaos of the dual-category field sprint.
“I was feeling strong,” Graham explained, ” with a lap to go it got a bit sketchy so I cut to the outside for the sprint and hammered it up the hill. I was in the front 10 [of the] combined [field]…I thought I won the JR’s but the camera showed some kid that nobody thought was a jr, was on the far outside about a bike length ahead of me.”
Lang does not consider field sprinting his strong suite, so the result was particularly satisfying.

Bethel CDP Gold Race, Sunday, March 25, 2007
1. Bob German, CCNS/Pedal Power
2. Graham Lang, CRCA JrDev
3. Kyle Foley, ACT
4. Filip Capala, Capala Brothers/Polska
5. Ryan Barlow, ACT

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  1. Liam

    nice job graham.

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