CRCA/Fuoriclasse Racing is proud to announce its new sponsorship relationships for 2012.  Former CRCA racer for the Western Union/Moneygram squad, Llewellyn Connolly, through his investment company, Eumaeus (approximately pronounced “you-may-us”) Asset Management, is the new title sponsor for Fuoriclasse.  Llewellyn, who some of you may remember from sprints in the B and C fields back in 2005 and 2006, has gone onto other sporting endeavors, namely mountaineering and snowboarding on uncharted terrain, but he wanted to give back to the cycling community that helped developed him as an athlete and provided many valuable and supportive friendships.  Fuoriclasse is thrilled to have Llewellyn Connolly and Eumaeus Asset Management as its lead sponsor and the team has been renamed CRCA/Fuoriclasse-Eumaeus Asset Managment.
In addition, Fuoriclasse/Eumaeus Asset Management is pleased that it has a new contributing sponsor, NY Vision Group.  Dr. Harry Koster, the principal of NY Vision Group, is a world-class eye surgeon specializing in LASIK correction procedures and cataract surgery and is based in multiple offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.  Dr. Koster has performed literally tens of thousands of procedures, including operating on current and former CRCA racers.  His offices are available for general opthalmic appointments as well as for consultation regarding corrective procedures.  Dr. Koster, an accomplished marathoner and triathlete, is looking forward to working with members of CRCA.
Continuing sponsors are Betsy Hafkin Massage and Bicycle Habitat, both of which have been stout partners over the past year.
Fuoriclasse/Eumaeus Asset Management wishes to thank its prior lead sponsor, Discover Chiropractic, for its support over the past two years and encourages racers to avail themselves of the excellent services of Beth Forgosh, the principal of Discover Chiropractic – SoHo.
Fuoriclasse/Eumaeus Asset Management is a New York-based amateur cycling sub-team chartered through CRCA.  Fuoriclasse racers compete through the region.  2011 saw great success for its racers with for example, Fabienne Gerard taking home eight victories, David Taylor winning the King of Mountains competition at the Green Mountain Stage Race and Ann Marie Miller adding to her legacy by winning numerous events.  In 2012, Fuoriclasse intends to be a strong presence in local and regional races and is looking forward to developing and potentially expanding its roster of seven racers (women:  Colleen Conway, Fabienne Gerard, Victoria Gochenour and Ann Marie Miller; men:  Russell Bogin, David Taylor and Christophe Wilkes).