OK, so the rain and win ruined the P/1 race, but Saturday’s races went ahead as planned.  While a number of our male CRCA riders chose to stay home to fight Irene, our women showed up to fly the CRCA flag – which they did admirably.

In the Women’s P/1/2 (part of the USA Crits Series) field Kristin Lotito held her own as the riders from Colavita and Team Tibco battled each other.  There was plenty of aggressive riding, but Colavita riders successfully kept the field together to set up a field sprint.  Kristin was well placed with two laps to go but the combination of  a couple of crashes in the middle of the  field and the extreme pace put on up front resulted in a very respectable mid-field finish.

It was great to see Kristin mixing it up with some of the best women riders in the country, and finishing first of the Category 2 riders.


In the Women’s 3/4 Field CRCA was well represented with Lucia Deng, Lisa Mazzola, Raquel Miller, Erica Adelberg and BrittLee Bowman all lining up on the start line.  The race came down to a field sprint which was taken by Rachael Miller.  Congratulations Raquel – surely you have enough points to upgrade to Category 2 now??

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