Statements (up to 300 words) from candidates running for positions on the 2017 CRCA Board:


Gabby Fisher —

I have been a dedicated and involved CRCA member since 2008. In 2010 I sat as Director of Open Racing, where I managed and delivered our Open Race series. In 2016 I returned as VP Racing which provided invaluable exposure to the operational side of CRCA, including the intersection and need for alignment across financial, logistical, marketing/PR, membership, and rider development pillars – all critical to the success of the organization.

Some highlights from 2016: executed 12 race series netting 2,000+ registrants (and catalyst for reviving the 2016 Turkey Race); optimized W’s field start position reducing neutralizations by +50%; ensured motos followed neutralization protocols and matched with appropriate fields. Additionally, I’ve built upon existing relationships vital to maintaining our partnership with key Central Park stakeholders – the CPC, NYC Parks Department and the CPMU. I feel confident that we are heading towards a successful 2017 season as a result of this.

The Board is currently positioned to continue delivering our signature quality products:  excellent coaching opportunities for CRCA members; incredible racing experiences through our Club and Open race series; continued effort on creating robust junior and rider development programs.  Areas of optimization include improving internal processes, streamlining pre- / post-race activities, developing a user-friendly website + communications program, and identifying ways to secure CRCA growth through increased sponsorship, collaboration with external organizations, and expanding our membership base.

Outside CRCA, my professional background includes leading teams through global e-commerce initiatives aimed at increasing revenue and improving customer experience through B2B and B2C applications.  Stakeholders range from C-level executives to third party vendors where maintaining alignment across relationships and demonstrating added value are vital to ensuring project success.

I would welcome the opportunity to leverage my professional skillset along with my 2016 VP Racing experience and facilitate forward momentum towards a successful 2017 season.


Tara Parsons — Statement to come.


Julius Quito —

Having helped the previous CRCA’s board of directors over the years as a marshal and race supervisor on club and open races, I have seen first-hand what it takes to run races that rely heavily on networking and coordinating with community organizations, city entities, and racers. I am eager to step up my contribution, to give back to an organization that does so much for its members, not for money or glory but for the love of the sport.

Outside cycling, I direct a team of IT professionals to solve problems, keep business continuity a priority, and maintain a high level of versatility while operating within a non-profit budget. I believe I can apply these same skills as the VP of Racing. In this position, I will continue the CRCA’s mission statement: to provide a safe and fun racing program in New York.


Fred David —

I am a Cat 3 with e2Value and a finance lawyer. I spent this past year as CRCA’s Secretary and would appreciate the opportunity to serve the club again in 2017.

This year I’ve worked to make the club more responsive to members’ wishes and to improve the value of club membership and the club’s open races.

I have learned a lot about CRCA and the challenges it faces during the last year and I hope to put that knowledge to work in 2017.


Ken Edwards —

As the 2016 Treasurer, I have worked very hard with the Board on four important fronts – first, with financial discipline and strong record keeping, and through the hard work of the board, I helped turn a projected loss into a slight gain for the year. Second we provided important financial support to the Central Park Conservancy and the CDCDF. Third I assisted with infrastructure investment and moved excess operating capital into better long-term savings. Finally, and perhaps most exciting, I developed a proposed 2017 budget that will allow us to continue Season Pass at its current rate.

In 2017 I’ll continue to focus on instilling financial discipline that benefits members, and helping the board prioritize safety during park races and implementing new member initiatives to attract new racers and grow the sport.


Jeff Young —

Members and friends,

When I moved from Texas to New York in the fall of 2011, I immediately found a race I could do a few days after arriving in town. It was the Turkey Race – a great CRCA tradition I’m glad to see restored this year.

While the comradery of the Club was immediately apparent, what also struck me was the incredible privilege of being able to race in an arena like Central Park.  And that impressed on me straight away, what a remarkable and valuable institution the CRCA is.  It’s an impression that has only grown stronger with me.  Over the last five years of my membership, participating in all the park races I could, the Club has given me wonderful friendships and spirited competition.

Today, I’m thrilled about the opportunity to serve to the Club and excited to continue the fine work that this year’s board has provided our membership.  My objective is to continue to deliver a safe, competitive, full race program with fields and opportunities for all members from beginners to experts.

We’ll continue to enhance check-in, provide quick results, cultivate the junior development program and make it easier for members to fulfill their marshalling obligations.  In addition, I look forward to continuing to maintain and build the Club’s reputation with the local community by finding ways to support others outside our organization, with the cycling community by recruiting more members, and with the Central Park Conservancy by doing our part to keep the park beautiful.  The CRCA has been generous to me, and I want to give something back and work to safeguard and preserve its future.


Ceren Bingol —

I would like to serve on the CRCA Board as Membership Director as a way to give back to a community that has enriched my life over the past four years by making it possible and enjoyable to race and train in NYC.  When not riding my bike, I manage large scale projects and big teams as an architect, a task that requires organizational skills as well as a knack for communication, coordination and problem solving.  Without its sub-teams and members, CRCA would cease to exist, therefore I look forward to having the opportunity to promote and facilitate membership.

Madeleine Pascolini Campbell —

I was first introduced to bike racing in a CRCA Central Park Women’s Development race three years ago and was immediately hooked. Since then, I have completed two seasons of racing with Houlihan-Lokey and also two collegiate seasons with the Columbia University Cycling Club. At Columbia University I am currently entering the 4th year of a PhD program, and during my time there I have been fortunate to get involved with managing the CU Cycling Club. In 2015 I helped organize the CU race weekend at Rockland Lake, where I was in charge of obtaining sponsorship and organizing logistics for 200 participating racers. For the 2015-2016 academic year, I served as Vice President for CU Cycling and helped with multiple aspects of the club ranging from contacting sponsors, recruitment, organizing collegiate race weekends and coordinating with University administrators. Being on the CU Cycling board was a great experience and I hope to now contribute my skills and enthusiasm for cycling to CRCA.


Daniel Goldberg —

As a new member in 2016, I know firsthand the importance of good communication and the ability for members to stay up to date on CRCA happenings and events. I believe this provides the groundwork to build out a strong community while simultaneously welcoming new members into the fold. From my brief conversation with the current Communications Director, Mim, it seems the majority of responsibilities of this role fall into one of two categories – email communication and social media – which aligns well with my work experience.

I’ve been doing this “marketing” thing for a little while now and have covered several related areas. Working as an in-house marketing manager, I’m responsible for both internal and external messaging, developing and deploying key communications to various audiences. This may cover existing messaging that simply needs to be distributed in a digestible format or new content that needs to be developed from scratch. In my previous marketing agency life, I worked at an agency creating and managing digital and social content for clients and fully understand how that ecosystem works and the various channels interact. While certainly different, the skillsets developed in these roles will translate well into the needs of this position.

Even though I only recently joined CRCA, I’ve jumped in taking advantage of various clinics (road & cx), CP races, and general local cycling knowledge. The Communications Director position will allow me to not only increase my involvement within the community, but also help engage existing and new members.


David Moss —

I’ve been racing with CRCA since 2012 and it’s been a pretty incredible and rewarding experience; I’d like to give something back to the organization and help make the 2017 another successful season. I’ve previously served on multiple boards in advisory and executive positions, and would look forward to working with the CRCA Board and all of you to see continued growth of racing in and around NYC.  In addition to contributing to the broader goals of the Board and Club, I would try to bring back additional options for double marshalling credit (e.g., early season races, open races), continue to ease the identification of substitutes, and provide additional options for removal from the suspension list (e.g., donations to the development program).


Ted Teyber —

Ted Teyber was CRCA’s 2016 Director of Open Racing and is excited to return for another year to continue to improve CRCA’s open races and the experience of members.  Ted’s enthusiasm for cycling at all levels, as well as his experience as a land use and commercial real estate attorney provide an excellent tool-set for municipal and USAC permit applications, as well as promoting registration among regional racers.  Growing up in Southern California, Ted’s entree to cycling was mountain biking, and he was on the University of California Santa Barbara’s MTB team as an undergraduate.  Ted moved East for law school, and with the free time that became available upon graduating, became interested in road racing as an adrenaline substitute for the elevation and features of mountain biking the western states.  In addition to being a member of CRCA, Ted is a contributing member of IMBA, Transportation Alternatives, and Rails to Trails.


Hank Greenberg —

Over the past four seasons, I’ve taken so much from CRCA: fitness, friends, and access to competitive road racing 15 minutes from home. CRCA teams are the heart of our club. As your Director of Teams, I will give back what I’ve taken by serving as a team resource, ensuring that the CRCA supports its teams, and ensuring that teams support the CRCA. In addition to my love for our sport, I bring to this job excellent organizational skills, sound judgment, and a commitment to our club. I don’t miss deadlines or emails, and I have the time to give this job the attention it deserves.

Edward Sirya —

I am passionate about cycling and about NYC. I hope to contribute to the CRCA in ways that will add value to our riders and to our city. I would like to join the board as the Director of Teams to help cultivate new sub teams, coordinate team duties efficiently, and support the CRCA in its vision and purpose. I would love to see bike racing thrive here in our city. I have five years of experience in executive leadership and I serve on the board of a large non-profit organization. My family is originally from Thailand and I am an ordained Presbyterian minister. I race with an exceptional group of guys from RBNY and live on the Upper East Side with my wife, Roz, who is my biggest fan.