Each year as part of CRCA’s coaching and development program the club hosts a Men’s Clinic and a Women’s Clinic designed to introduce individuals to the club and bicycle racing.  Many of the City’s elite racers have been introduced to the sport through our intro to racing clinics, including current pro cyclist and national time trial champion Evelyn Stevens.  For more on Evelyn’s story see this Bicycling article.
Not sure how or where to start?  Racers from various sub-teams of the Century Road Club Association, New York City’s road racing club, will present a three-lap simulated race in Central Park. Experienced racers will ride with the field, providing instruction, assistance and advice.  Many local racers started their careers at this clinic—you can too!  CRCA Coaches will be on hand to provide instruction before, during and after this the clinic. Men and women will have separate fields, so each races with his or her respective group. See CRCA Coach Tara Parsons’s race report from last year’s Women’s Clinic.

Nervous? On the fence?  Attend a Clinic Information session to meet members of the CRCA who will tell you how they got started racing and answer any questions you may have about the clinic, CRCA or racing in general. This is also a great way to meet fellow new racers whom you’ll see on race day! All are welcome even if you don’t end up attending the actual clinic.

Information Session (Open to all)

Date: Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Time: 7:00pm

Place: Rapha Cycle Club NYC, 64 Gansevoort St.

Race Clinic Dates
Men’s Clinics:

April 25th 2015, 5:30am (Men’s Clinic Flyer)

June 21st 2015, 5:00am (June Clinic Flyer)

Women’s Clinics:

April 25th 2015, 5:30am (Women’s Clinic Flyer)

June 21st 2015, 5:00am (June Clinic Flyer)

Note: Arrive early to make sure you have adequate time to sign in and not be rushed prior to the race

Race Clinic Location:
Rambles Shed Parking Lot.  (E79th St Transverse on East Park Drive) Central Park
Cost: $25

Registration is done via Bikereg

No day of registration!

Men’s Clinics
April 25th 2015

June 21st 2015
Women's Clinic
April 25th 2015

June 21st 2015
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to wear a helmet?

Do I have to ride a road bike?
No.  But most people do race on road bikes with clipless pedals (e.g., the ones you click cleats into).  

Can I just use my triathlon or time trial bike?
No Aerobars allowed (even clip-on ones)!

What should I wear?
Check the forecast and dress appropriately for early morning temperatures.  No sleeveless jerseys.  You will be able to leave a small bag at the start, though we are not responsible for misplaced or stolen items.  Wear gloves (long or short-fingered)!

What should I eat for breakfast?
Eat what you normally would before a good workout.  Probably not the best time to try that new spicy ethnic joint the night before…  Give your body some time to digest and don’t forget, it’s about 3.5 laps or 21 miles.

Should I bring water or food for the race?
You should bring at least one full water bottle, but 2 would be better so that you have something to drink after the race as well.  You may leave one bottle at the start if you like.  Most people do not eat during the race, but something for post-race recovery would be great! Saddlebags should be removed for the race.

How do I know if I will be fast enough?
This Clinic is meant to be introductory and we welcome riders of all levels.  That being said, the front group (the leaders) typically average 19-20mph or more, but don’t forget, riding in a group is much less effort than riding solo!  Also, don’t let the fear of getting dropped prevent you from giving it a try.  We’ve all been there and there will be varying groups of participants and rolling marshals who will be there to complete the race with you.

Will someone explain the race format to me?
Yes! We will have CRCA Coaches on hand to give a few safety and race format tips to everyone before the start of the race, so get there early!  There will also be experienced racers in CRCA sub-team kits who will ride alongside you to help guide you during the race.

Does the racing start right at the gun?
No. We will be “neutralized” or riding at a mellow pace behind the race moto until the top of Harlem Hill, at which point the race will begin.

Do I need to have a USAC license or be a CRCA member?
No.  We will have one-day licenses available and non-CRCA members are welcome (though we hope you join!).

All of these questions and more will be answered at the Information Sessions prior to the Clinics.  You will also have an opportunity to meet many men and women who currently race for CRCA subteams.  Even if you do not plan to race, you should still come to the Info Session!


Email: communications[at]crca.net


CRCA has an extensive coaching program that is available to CRCA members throughout the year at no additional charge. For more information on the Club’s  coaching sessions, including our coaching schedule, please click here.

For additional information on CRCA & Racing Safety please click here.


Participants in the Men’s and Women’s Clinics are encouraged to explore the club’s various other races and events, which include club races, the Women’s Development Series presented by hatchmap, group rides and an expanded Coaching program, including women-only sessions.  Join CRCA to take advantage of all the amazing coaching, racing and other resources the club has to offer!