The election for the 2012 Board of Directors has opened.  In accordance with the By-laws, a three-member independent election committee comprising Chris Forsyth, Kristin Lotito and Greg Olsen was formed.  These members are responsible for overseeing the election process and reporting the results to members.  Their involvement ensures that the vote is conducted in accordance with the By-laws.

All members should have received an invitation by email to vote online using the same secure voting service used for the By-law amendment earlier in the year.  Any questions on voting should be directed to Chris by email – communications[at]

Although all positions are uncontested, a vote and quorum is required, so please take 30 seconds to cast your vote.

The following is a brief background of or statement from the members running for positions this year.

Rod Millott – President
I began racing in the summer of 2009 and joined CRCA club in 2010.  I tend get involved in things I am passionate so in 2011 was nominated to serve as Secretary.  I have looked for ways to continuously improve what we do to ensure we are delivering quality in the events hold.  I plan to continue to do that in 2012 – looking for ways to improve what we currently do, but also looking for new opportunities for the club to offer what our members are looking for.  Working with the new board I plan to ensure we establish a budget that provides us with the ability to undertake the activities our members are looking for and we will use the results of the recent member survey to help guide us.  I am on the Foundation sub-team and recently upgraded to Category 3.  I am Treasurer of the New York State Bicycle Racing Association which helps ensure that our club is plugged in to what is occurring throughout the state.  Outside of cycling, I am a partner at Deloitte & Touche where I provide advice to clients on Mergers & Acquisitions, and a member of the City Harvest Leadership Council.

Scot Willingham – VP of Rider Development

Scot is a strength, conditioning, and rehabilitation expert with 20 years of experience in coaching, training, fitting, and teaching movement. He has been a devoted cyclist for over 30 years, commuting, touring, and racing in North America and Europe. He is a gold medalist in 50+ ITT competition, and a member of medal-winning teams representing New York City at the Empire State Games. He has a Masters in Motor Learning (movement and physical education) from Columbia University Teacher’s College. In addition, he is schooled in Exercise Physiology and Kinesthetic Anatomy.
It is this experience that supports his work guiding CRCA to become the gold standard of a US Bike Racing club. Proactive coaching programming, variety in race programming, education, and equitably reaching out to all athletes. These tools have already changed the face of CRCA and proactively prepared novice and experienced racers for the challenges of bike racing while maintaining a positive relationship within the racing and New York City communities. CRCA has made some strides to achieve the above goal, however, to continue on a path of improvement, Scot would be an excellent candidate to maintain that progression.

Zak Abdullah – VP of Racing
Zak has is restanding for the position of VP of Racing after a successful 2011.  Through Zak’s committment to the position he has developed a strong relationship with the Parks Department which is crucial to our success.

Gina Rocco, Secretary
This past season was my first year of racing. Being completely new to the sport, I joined Siggi’s/NYVelocity who have monumentally aided in my transition into a bikeracer. As a new racer I know how intimidating it can be for women just starting inbike racing. By being involved in the CRCA board I plan to represent not only female racers, but particularly category 4 women. I plan to aid in promoting women’sracing and reach out and encourage women to give it a try. Off of the bike I amworking towards my PhD, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Lisa Kennish – Treasurer
Lisa was a new member in 2011, one of the numerous new members who joined through the new Asphalt Green Cycling Team.

Harry Zernike – Public Relations Director
I am running for the Public Relations Director position on the CRCA Board of Directors. I am interested in protecting and improving, where necessary, the image of the club and of cyclists in general in New York City.  I have been riding for many years, and racing for the past three seasons. I am currently racing in Cat 3 for the Teany Cycling sub-team. I am a professional photographer, and the editor and publisher of 9W Magazine and I also serve as Secretary on the board of the co-op in which I live.

Rob Duncker  – Membership Director
I will be running for my second term as Membership Director of CRCA. I have been racing with CRCA since 2010 and have found the club to be an amazing organization and I am proud of the work that I have done for the club through my participation on the board of directors. We have the greatest cycling race club in the country and with another years experience I am positive that my fellow board members and I will make it even better. I look forward to receiving your vote and continuing serving the club. Thank you.

David Carr – VP Of Communications
I have been racing and in the CRCA since 2007 and have enjoyed ties to a variety of people in the club through being on a couple of sub-teams (Setanta since 2008) and through my wife, who is also a CRCA member. I’ve been a cat. 3 racer since 2009, but also race a fair number of masters races out of town. So far my club involvement has just been through my sub-team and regular member duties, but I’m running for Communications Director to do more to give back to the club and help people connect with each other. Recently I have enjoyed doing a few online interviews with CRCA club members who have achieved great racing results, and I would like to do more to publicize the achievements of club members and club events.   When I’m not training, racing or doing other stuff with my bike, I’m a father of four kids and professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Union Theological Seminary, and I also play a bit of jazz/funk hammond B-3 organ and regular keyboard.

Rob Weitzner – Marshal Director
I joined CRCA in 2008 to pursue my passion for racing and cycling it has proven to be a greatly enriching life experience. I never before participated in any competitive sport let alone one where team strategy and dynamics play such an important role. As a member of Foundation since 2009, I have really benefited so much from my team mates, the camaraderie and community spirit that binds the sub-team culture of the CRCA. As Marshal Director I plan to continue working with the Board and membership to make certain we run safe, well-marshaled and coordinated races, while introducing new opportunities for members to contribute their time as “marshals” that go beyond simply blowing a whistle as the fields speed by. I look forward to the opportunity.

Matthew Vandivort – Director of Open Racing
Matt joined the Board in 2011 in the position of Treasurer where he made significant improvements in the reporting and the Board’s accountability for the Association’s finances.  Matt is a category 3 racer who raced for Siggi’s/NYVelocity in 2010 and 2011.

Sonny Bindra – Director of Teams
Sonny has served on the Board in a number of roles including Membership Director and most recently Director of Open Racing.  Sonny is a member of the Siggi’s/NYVelocity sub-team.