As a result of the weather from Hurricane Irene we were unable to hold our club championship race scheduled for August 28.  We know you want to crown our king and queen of the club, so we have decided that our final club race scheduled for September 17th will be:

– Club Championship race for men and women (A & W fields)
– Team Cup Finale i.e. double team cup points for A, B and W fields
– Jim Boyd Competition point eligible for A, B and W fields

Ordinarily a Club Championship race would not be eligible for Team Cup or Jim Boyd points, but in order to hold the Club Championship and stick to the original Team Cup Finale plan for the final race, we have made an exception for this race only.

The Men’s A team cup is down to a shoot our between Foundation and Jonathan Adler, with Foundation currently ahead by 14 points.  Double points for the Finale race means this is well within Adler’s grasp.  The Men’s B cup is between Siggi’s and Foundation, with Siggi’s currently ahead by just 1 point.  (In the event of a tie, the higher scoring team in the team cup wins).

So if you haven’t already contacted your coach to ensure you are peaking for September 17th, do it now – this could be the best race of the season….

Did we mention that this race will include the much anticipated Engineer;’s Gate Finish?